Without the support of Zidane, Real Madrid

MADRID: Real Madrid - Zinedine Zidane, I thought he lost the support of the club, but he would leave if he admits.

Zidane Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday after a 3-0 defeat in Madrid as a coach at all times under the control of its worst after losing.

as a result they had won the victory, Real Madrid, Real Madrid, Valladolid and Alkoyano Levante matches against a disappointing start to the La Liga.

After his return to Paris, Zidane in the Spanish press, according to reports from the club, who gave his players the day off Thursday.

When asked if he thought his methods of interrogation at a press conference on Friday, Zidane said: "No, no, everything is opposed to the club and I think he can help us. Had to be strong and the support of all the people working here.

"What would be nice, if you like never to leave him."

The decision to give the players a day off, on, Zidane said: "They are, or should be, we need to give them time, not a question of whether ...

"They need time with their own families, they should be able to rest. We have 21 days to seven games. They need time, I understand."

Madrid Zidane at its peak in the championship, while waiting for a response after the team's poor performance on Sunday to face Sevilla.

Zidane returned as coach in March, four, seven, four in all competitions, Madrid, and then we will have won.

When asked choose to return, he said, Zidane said: "No, this time it would be easy to say yes to what is difficult to answer, but I'm happy. You can not be the same ..

"This case is complicated, but I'll do our best and try to solve things. We all try to do it together, united."

"I have heard these questions, and all seem to be poor, but you will win, things are different. In case of unfavorable circumstances, but must continue to develop."

Portuguese Jose Mourinho Zidane and slightly decreased in the last two weeks will be as successful as the favorite.

Earlier this month, Mourinho's visit to Santiago Bernabéu as a "best practice", the coach said at a press conference in Madrid attended.

"I know how it works," Zidane said. "This troubles me is not whether or not all is lost. You need to change. Things are tough, but it is true."

Zidane back Marcelo, there is a problem, but Fede Valverde secondary match on Sunday at the Ramón Sanchez Pizjuan, but returned to Ramirez, respectively İsko assists injured thigh and hamstring. Marco Asensio suffering a knee injury.

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