Why wait here Chrome 77 new features:

Google Android platforms Chrome 77 recently opened INE, Windows, Linux, and international organizations, and the technology giant now plans to publish an interesting explanation of the new features and the latest version.

To simplify the selection of tabs and open tabs preliminary sketches of the new network will provide users with a series of new provisions.

Users can also view Grill like you can drag tabs to one another and simplified manner.

Google, wrote on his blog: "You have a lot of tabs open, and then a laptop can not read the page titles (guilty!) and you fly over them. You can see the tabs pre-cursor is now the title of the page, you will soon, you will see a page thumbnail I see. "

In addition, Google also plans to show the results of the rapid changes in the Chrome address bar.

"Chrome address to get results faster than ever before. Now Android is provided as a table, and answers to your questions, address bar, and you are looking for answers about the outcome of sporting events or instant Matches. Local weather, or a foreign word translations," he said.

To allow all users to change the color of the browser Chrome themes Google also added that the color would be featured.

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