The head of Netflix says: "Crown" will be like after an explosion of vodka deal

Hastings RTS Cambridge has sunk at a meeting of businessmen on television, already concerned about the growing competition, and contribute to the recent selloff, weight decreased to 6% of the shares of the odd.

Disney and the other subscriber will be possible to increase the competitiveness of the market and the production costs.

"Crown" and its price ($ 125 million) to 100 million pounds of cost. This critically acclaimed and edges over its competitors, and it has helped to develop a base of 152 million subscribers Netflix.

"This November, a new world," Hastings said.

He planned by Apple and Disney service contracts, as well as the Amazon and the future of the platform NBCUniversal Altynbek benefited.

the competing sites to find the best content and the best talent in the alternative, for an exhibition at the request of a new subscription service to be good news for farmers, Hastings said.

"One day," Korona "is like a good deal," he said.

The show is expected to close in six seasons, 60 episodes.

Claire Kamızyaki political dramas, while listening to his coronation 25 years before the birth of his children, who love to events in the life of Queen Elizabeth and her sister played the first two seasons, days.

Oscar laureate, Olivia Coleman in November, the headline will be the role of the third series.

Netflix's stock since its quarterly report on July 17 fell 26%, and eight for the first time since US customers are declared void, as well as the inflow of foreign countries in order to target new customers.

After November 12, the streaming service, Disney, Apple will begin on November 1 in the US and other countries.

"People understand that there is competition, and it increases gradually," Neal said Macker, Morningstar analyst. "For companies competing in this space, like Disney is willing to lose money."

After successful completion of the "Crown", a description of the Hastings, Netflix is ​​very strong, built on the expertise of next year it will increase their contribution to British television production.

"Rising Entertainment, with the opportunities offered by the Internet in this direction, I am here in the UK, we think that the sharp increase in the amount of produced content is the effect, and the next few years, said:" -t he said. conference.

"This year we have a bit of Great Britain spent more than 400 million pounds, this growth is the growth of our customers."

Netflix asked to spend the next year or two, he replied: "Probably not a significant increase, but twice."

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