More than 100 people protesting against the toilets have been arrested in Paris

More than 100 people protesting against the toilets have been arrested in Paris

PARIS: About 7,500 protesters from a hundred police radical "black blocs" set to cope with the anarchist movement and a yellow jacket were arrested at a demonstration in Paris on Saturday.

After the first step with a yellow coat, with about 1,000 radical protesters, clashes broke out in a separate protest against climate change, authorities said.

Two bank buildings were damaged as well as animals, windows and other property. Some human rights activists build and build roads and then burn them.

Climate organizers marched with tear gas and sticks to avoid unnecessary clashes, urging protesters to head home.

The accused protesters were convicted of the needs of the ordinary French yellow beautiful movement, where a 10-month break, President Emmanuel, was blinded by a ribose.

"We simply cannot perceive that the survival of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic is (a story), not just against the system," not the name of the protest.

Others, however, blamed what was harming others, security forces said.

"This is hell. We have 100 people from the Home Office and defamation." David v. Goliath, Peter protests with tear gas, his eyes red.

Weekly Events - Saturday, a 45-day increase in ribose wages was prompted to cut nearly $ 17 billion in government money and pay a lower tax, but reduced over the summer.

However, protests are often used, especially in Paris, the movement turned into fierce clashes with the security forces and then again in the winter and early spring, you want to wait and see.


Police officers and 106 protesters were found in the afternoon, some of whom were armed with a hammer or barrel of fuel, police headquarters said.

"They treat us like a criminal," Brigitte identified herself as a woman.

The government has banned demonstrations in parts of the city, especially in tourism, by banning Agro-Champs Elisees, while some protesters also dispersed tear gas in a tense confrontation with authorities and sticks.

Macron "owns his game", also known as "Friday", is hampered by a rally against climate change and the need to organize cultural events, as well as the need to play on Saturday.

Police sent a yellow jacket number in December and March equal to protests against Saturday's summit gatherings.

Jerome Rodrigues yellow jacket, one of the main recommendations of Saturday's event as a manifestation of "opening" and "many people want to return to Paris."

However, protesters raided and previous rallies burned shops and expensive restaurants in the heart of the capital and other parts of the Champs Elysees, and demonstrations were banned.

In January, the Department of Protesters used it to break down a car door.

Police are critical, accompanied by protests and violence, often accused of anti-capitalist and anti-capitalist groups involved in clashes with the "black bloc".

Saturday, usually closed to the public, is open to public and private buildings, and the EU will coincide with the annual Heritage Weekend.

After the first day of protests in November, up to 282,000 people across the country participated in the activities, wearing a yellow jacket, a sudden fall in the spring during the summer, numerous demonstrations were held.

Macro's move to Thursday's issue in an interview with Time magazine, he heard was "not a good idea because it was good for me."

"My challenge at the beginning, I didn't listen to people," he said.

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