Methods of mutual experience of WhatsApp

Methods of mutual experience of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging applications, and to date, more depending on the type of use, we have this platform.

WhatsApp messaging features interesting enough experience and interaction.

User Notifications

You can configure notifications for personal tradition. For example, a person with the status of the application on an individual or group discussions and notifications, select "custom".

You warning tone, pop-ups, light, vibration parameters, etc. To be able to change individual or a group.

An unknown contacts

Check with the press as well as WhatsApp information on unknown numbers can be seen at a time. discussion group, you have a number for a long time and chat box, you will be able to see the details.

With the two-stage test

It is also important to the security and WhatsApp You discussions and will allow you to provide details of the account.

Users mail settings, enable two-step verification. You can access this feature via settings.

I release

WhatsApp users, their accounts and users more information about the application data storage feature allows you to check and manage their data manually. With this feature, users can also use a user has exchanged information with a few, you can delete unnecessary data.

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