Justin Tryudo beaten Canada Blackface-year conflict in the short term

Kumtor: the re-election campaign, threatening to derail the Canadian prime minister Justin Tryudo blackface Saturday after pressure from the engraved images of her on the first day, and fled.

Tryudo, 47-year-old, eastern Canada for the first time on Wednesday after pictures of the party's "Arabian Nights" in 2001, dressed in brown makeup, she is a teacher, and 29. Before the scandal questions prevailing in other western cities, the plane was immediately held a press conference, Around the pale and apologized.

The verses of the hypocritical approach, which requires the resignation of its Canadian opposition to the conflicts, the international entertainment industry and other attacks two days later. Tryudo repeatedly apologized and apologized to Canadians, but it was not, he said.

He wanted to win in Toronto on Friday, filled with ethnic districts ban rifle Tryudo trying to get back on the policy issues.

"Hello, Mr. Blackface! Director, said during the Greektown Toronto area woman prime minister.

Pictures and the Canadian public, mixed, and this noise before the October 21 election ballot was too early to say whether the change. Prior to the beginning of the scandal Tryudo his Liberals tied in polls in the conservative opposition.

"This was not a lawyer Galina. We have not found anti-Semitic writings, as well as the young," Yves Boisvert, the Spanish-language newspaper La Presse correspondent reported. History is a few pages and pages with little pressure on the court, the Quebec media.

Many Canadians complain, but the images did not expect.

"It's humiliating. Our skin color is not located in Toronto," Samya Hassan, executive director of the South Asia service agencies. He said that was not surprising. "

Tryudo father, the former head of the Canadian Multiculturalism system architect, and with growing up as the son of a white mass, "one that left him blind."

According to research data Edgar David Coletto Liberals largest risk to their supporters is the low voter turnout.

"According to our information, they are already contributing to the less conservative (...). It is also shown that the liberal demotivating is no coincidence, of course, and they may want to vote for," he said.

MARK Canada

Tryudo Friday builds returned resume Sunday afternoon, after the campaign.

"Day of the party, his staff and, of course, control of himself again, they learn to think and reflect on how to do ... and from time to campaign" Allan Tupper, British Columbia University political science professor.

Members of a number of liberal government, Hong Kong, Harjit Sajjan, Canadian Sikhs Defense Minister expressed support for Shaving and said: "If he is not a man today." Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, one of the most prominent members of the Liberal government, he said: "troubled and disappointed," he said, but what Tryudo received an apology and full confidence in him as party leader.

Tryudo he took office in 2015, the balance between men and women in government and defense file immigrant status, and natural resources, including the state appointed to senior positions in the minority.

Tryudo has faced before US President Minister Donald Trump, the night comedians, putting, but Tryudo surprised many times "that he was wearing, blackface," he said.

"His election, back in Canada," with the understanding that the cornerstone of Hong Kong, Dines been praised by the international community to protect the environment, and the need for multilateral organizations.

Foreign diplomats, his place of populism from the United States, which is important, in any case, is determined to reduce their global ambitions. According to Canada in 2021, the UN Security seeks to serve.

"It's scandalous," and pictures of Jacob, a resident of Toronto, Ladonna. "This is a blow for the brand

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