Iran warns US troops and the war

The head of the Iranian military officers, Iranian circulation of any country, "cementing" the main battlefield, the US military said Saturday, days after publication in the Gulf.

"Everything is moving forward, with the desired location can be expressed by the rebels in Yemen," Saudi oil installations after an attack a week at a press conference in Tehran, Hossein Salami, but Tehran and Riyadh as well as the US.

On Friday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, called "dramatic escalation of Iranian aggression" and Donald Trump's "Nature Protection", the Gulf has announced that it approved of US forces.

He is broadcast in response to the attack, at the request of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, "the first step", she explained. The equipment sent by the army, but not yet taken a decision on an American military deployment will be "average".

On September 14, Saudi oil production led to soaring oil prices and reduced fears of a military confrontation between the US and Tehran. In June, Iran and the US drone there was a growing fear.

"We would not be allowed on the territory of Iran will never fight," General drone captured by Iran at the opening ceremony of the exhibition Sausage added.

Global Hawk RQ-4 fragments were shot down in June. Iranian missiles, ammunition and Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, in 2011, the unit was opened.

"Our air What are your men? We will let them in," destroying Iran, "the general said:" The American technological domination.

Saudi side, the number two diplomat Adel Al-foiled, its country of origin of the UN investigation had determined, after the September 14 attacks has promised to take "appropriate measures". shot.

Finds out, Iran's top diplomat, Iran, Saudi or American response will lead to "total war," he said, but, if necessary, to protect themselves from the war in his country, but he did not want to be told.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeii "act of war", "to be signed on Wednesday but Washington favored a peaceful settlement", said the next day.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States military was less revenge.

Producing countries, "No, never," he said on Friday. "It's in the way that would be easy for me," "look at 15 key sites in Iran (...) But I is not something better," and "tolerance", he handcuffs.

Similarly, despite all the obstacles, Yemen Shabab in Riyadh against Saudi Arabia for supporting the military government of Yemen Yemen, for the termination of the five-year conflict to stop attacks on the plan Friday adopted a little rude.

The United States "violated"
Tension between Tehran and the US, which was established in 2015 by an agreement on Iran's nuclear program, the United States has increased since the withdrawal of a unilateral US sanctions against Iran, followed by the restoration measures.

On Friday, Donald Trump in the banking sector, including the Central Bank of Iran, announced the new measures. "Revolutionary Guards will be more money for the financing of terrorism (...)", the Treasury Secretary, said Steven Mnuchin.

Zahir before the United Nations General Assembly, New York, "the US Food and Drug is trying to join with the Iranians," he said.

These new measures show that the United States "violated" and "their policy of maximum pressure (against Iran), has reached its limits," he said, according to the semi-official news agency ISNA:.

After the turmoil in Iran, as well as the communication on the online platforms of its oil installations against cyber attacks suffered on Saturday rejected.

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