"Hustlers" Jennifer Lopez in the movie was banned in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia has banned the film "Hustlers", perceive Strippers fled after a group based on the real-life exploits of Lopez and a movie.

According to the Malaysian government to promote films in the country, a conservative, has been accused in the case of the host state of art. In August, the Film Censorship Board (LPF) "capture" adult content, and on the life of British singer Elton John cut a film.

"Hustlers" ban announced Thursday by the local film distributor in social networks, Square Box.

but gave no reason for any distributor, Koteletten, according to an AFP report, the content of the film after completion of the necessary reduction would be very much ashamed anymore.

LPF did not give an immediate response to a request for comment.

"Hustlers", - Samantha BARBASH true story inspired and three others kidnapped, at least, the people who depend on the $ 200,000 - including a weekend in North American theaters collected $ 30 million at the beginning of last week.

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