Despite Minister Sheikh Rashid found in a secret treaty alluded

RAWALINDI: Imran Khan, head of the government in accordance with the agenda of the National Reconciliation (ARIS), refused to allow various railway minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Saturday, in preparation for the contract offered to imprisoned politicians.

People need to believe in their own words on the subject, that the minister, referring to the mass media.

"An excellent on-Jitsu was heard, not two months ago, and he wanted to go somewhere?", The minister said.

He and his brother Shehbaz Khan are flexible, but the former prime minister, stubborn, and aggravates the situation, he added.

Rashid said that he was ready to discuss Shehbaz Khan.

He added that the issue was under discussion, known as London can be brought to this place, he added.

Pakistan's foreign minister, is likely to make it interesting, Ali Zardari, the Pakistan People's Party leader, talks, as well as its employees, and the ex-president said that negotiations are underway with the money.

Last week, the prime minister, Ali Imran, his "no contract, no compromise," reiterated that he can continue with the procedure for reporting corrupt elements.

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