Brazilian manufacturer Oi and Huawei China Mobile Partners: report

Huawei Technologies Co., Chinese telecommunication equipment manufacturer, the troubled conflict in the acquisition of Brazilian operator China Mobile is partnering to strengthen the participation of Oi SA, Latin America's largest market, the O Globo news website reported on Saturday.

According to the media, and the two Chinese companies in Brazil, and will introduce a substantial increase in its fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) and 360,000 kilometers (22,000 kilometers) of fiber-optic infrastructure, "Thinking is more favorable.

Huawei and China Mobile did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Reuters, but declined to comment on the case, oh.

In June 2016, law enforcement, bankruptcy filing, since the debt of 65 billion Reais of Brazil's largest fixed line operator struggling to restore its work.

Reuters Spanish companies Telefonica SA and Telecom Italia SpA to negotiate with the mobile network, while AT & T Inc. and other preliminary talks with the Chinese company said Thursday.

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