begins a campaign of "Clean and Green Karachi", Western District

Karachi: Campaign clean and green city located in the western district of Karachi on Saturday was announced by Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah, a month.

Western way of speaking, the Deputy Commissioner of Karachi Fayyaz Alam Solangi, a detailed plan was developed for the first stage, the waste collected in the past and that may be the point of delivery in the prescribed manner.

After that, the staff of the board of management of solid waste, waste from the wearer.

"Thorough study, up to 70 000 tonnes of waste every day here in 1800 produced 2000 tons of the debris," he told a media issue.

DMC-West district is responsible for the proper and safe everyday waste is produced, and what steps taken to prevent complacency and say he added.

PPP lawmaker, Abdul Qadir Patel, MPA Liaqaut Askani, MPD-West Izhar Ahmad Khan, president of the Municipal Commissioner of the West, Waseem Mustafa Soomro and .Pages Shaukat Ali Khatian, among others.

Abdul Qadir Patel announced by Deputy Prime Minister Singh expressed hope that the campaign gives the desired results, every actor involved.

He DMC-West transportation of waste to the landfill Jam Chakro and Hub River district, said it was responsible for the places of dumps Road.

People, especially with regard to the disposal of waste safely, Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners viewed as a personal campaign.

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